As a licensed wedding officiant, spiritual leader, and holistic teacher, I have a passion for crafting personalized and meaningful wedding ceremonies that reflect the unique love story of each couple.

In our initial meetings, we'll delve into your relationship and create a ceremony that captures the essence of your connection.

Additionally, as a writer, I can help you express your feelings and emotions in words that truly resonate with you both.

My services are open to all, regardless of faith or sexual orientation, and I am available to officiate in the Washington, DC area (including Maryland and Virginia) and beyond.

Let's work together to create a wedding ceremony that sets the tone for a beautiful journey ahead.

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I am a certified wedding officiant, spiritual leader, holistic teacher, and writer. I’m here to help those wishing for a beautiful and meaningful, joyful wedding ceremony at the official start of their wonderful life together.

I am liberal, spiritual, and embrace all faiths and sexual orientations. Love is all.

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