Personal Intuitive Mentoring Session with Alice Langholt

One-on-one Live Session - 90 minutes

Do you want to move forward, but find yourself floundering? Personal, one on one guidance will keep you motivated, productive, accountable, and on track with your goals.

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Personal Intuitive Mentoring offers you:
  • 90 minutes individual meeting via Zoom with Dr. Alice Langholt
  • A custom-designed, goal-oriented plan to work on your needs, goals, and challenges! We write this together.
  • Deepen your understanding of yourself as you discover the most effective ways to attain what you set your mind to do.

More than life coaching

Personal Intuitive Mentoring gives you the chance to describe your needs, get recommendations for what to learn, and be taught in the most efficient and practical way possible, and have someone to help you solve each challenge as it arises.

Maybe you need certification in a specific holistic area for credibility. Maybe you need to release blocks to self-confidence, success, or issues from the past. Maybe you could use some guidance on how to handle something specific. Everything is here for you!

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This program is developed to directly address what you, personally, need to thrive. Everything is custom-designed to address your challenges and help you move toward success meeting your goals, whatever they are!

Whatever your needs are, whatever your goals, Personal Intuitive Mentoring is not only less expensive than a Life Coach, you know you’re working with a caring, compassionate expert whose goals are for you to be successful and confident.


Alice can offer you training, coaching, intuitive guidance, new ideas, resources, and a vast array of tools to learn, all 100% geared towards you.

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