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The 90 Day Peace Project: Free Access

Start your FREE journey to peace.

Get free access to the first 30-days of the program and shift from the near-constant stress of life to living from a core of peace that's with you all day long. 

It's possible and you can start now! In just 5 minutes a day, you will experience profound changes over the 30-day free access.

A simple writing prompt, description, and accompanying short video from me each day will arm you with the tools to transform to your true beingness...Inner Peace. Self-paced & online.

The first 30 days gives you the opportunity to try the program, then you will be excited to continue the remaining 60 days.

Start anytime!

This program is self-paced. That means, start when you're ready. Each day's lesson will be released 24 hours after you've completed the previous one.

Why The 90 Day Peace Project?

A simple and profound daily process for promoting persistent peace

I’ve taken so many courses to strengthen my intuition, understand the mind-body connection, quiet my chatty (and often self-deprecating) inner voice, and learn powerful healing techniques. I even completed a Ph.D. program in Philosophy specializing in Metaphysical Philosophy! My thirst for attaining these goals has led me to learn all I could. Over years, I’ve realized that there are easier ways to get to these goals - all of them. The root of these goals is to feel at peace.

I’ve tried and tested hundreds of meditation, manifesting, affirmations, confidence-building, and trauma healing techniques. And I figured out how to make them all simple, fast, and effective. Even more, I’ve realized how to put them in the most optimal order to build on each other day by day, over 90 days, in 5 minutes per day. The 90 Day Peace Project is created for busy people looking for powerful results. If you’ve been looking for the easiest way to get woke to the most optimal, powerful version of yourself, this is it.


What's Inside The 90 Day Peace Project

  • Program and podcast access to Days 1-30
  • A daily prompt and short explanation on workbook pages released each day
  • Podcast access


What People Are Saying:

It felt somewhat magical to really have that kind of shift from just following a set of practices. The lessons remind me that there's actually different ways to think about the reason why I'm stressed today. I don't have control of those external things but I have control over what goes on in me. I would say that is a big shift just going from knowing that intellectually, and knowing that in my body. - Laura Zellinger

I'm glad I did the trial version and thank you for the opportunity. I enjoy the bite-sized lessons, and while none of it is new to me, I'm able to apply the concepts better to my day. - Frances Colleen Villanueva-Asi

An excellent read This wonderful book is a program for 90 days. It would help those struggling with fears, stress, or anxiety find peace and improve their self-esteem. All steps are easily achievable. The book would teach you how to relax and improve your health condition. It will show you that your past mistakes are lessons, and obstacles can be seen as "steps along the way." The book gives a boost of encouragement that cannot be underestimated. Readers suffering from insecurity and seeking ways to obtain inner peace would benefit tremendously from reading this amazing book. If you need to become a better person and strengthen your willpower, this book is for you. - Nina Lobiladze

Excellent book with simple things to do that make life much more meaningful and peaceful! We are working through this book as a family ..which is an amazing way of deepening our connection to each other! - Huda

Thanks for the practice and reminder in today's lesson! It helps me, as a new retiree, to think about “The end of something gives us the opportunity of a new beginning”. It is initially comforting to miss , or mourn, the past, but I recognize that I can’t cling to the past for comfort or validation. When I let go, and concentrate on the present, I’m excited about my new opportunities. - Jon Green

A must read for leading a more peaceful life. This is a must read for anyone who wants to learn how to live a more peaceful life. I look forward each day to reading an excerpt to set the tone for my day. Each daily reading is filled with wisdom which enables self-reflection and personal growth, allowing you to reach a deep level of peace and carry that feeling with you through the day. I am thirty days into the book so far and I have noticed a dramatic change—I’m feeling much more peaceful and grounded. - Gene