The 90 Day Peace Project

Shift from the near-constant stress of life to living from a core of peace that's with you all day long. It's possible and you can start now!
In just 5 minutes a day, you will experience profound changes over the 90 day course period. A simple writing prompt, description, and accompanying short video from me each day will arm you with the tools to transform to your true beingness...Inner Peace.
Self-paced & online.

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Introduction to Practical Reiki™

The course features over 2 hours of video content. By reading the FREE book and taking the FREE course, you will learn:

  • What Reiki is and how it works to help you
  • Intention and Attention: the powerhouses of energy work
  • How your intuition works and how to strengthen it
  • What chakras are and how they help you understand your health

Discover Practical Reiki™

Practical Reiki™ provides the tools to learn intuitive practices that can be incorporated into your everyday to help boost energy, outlook, and health. This course can help you to discover your light and your power.

Learn Reiki energy healing quickly, simply, and use it immediately, without needing to leave home, spend thousands of dollars, or memorize anything.

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Practical Reiki™ Instructor Training

Do you love Practical Reiki and want to teach it to others effectively? Would you like to increase your income and help empower others as a Practical Reiki Instructor?

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Personal Intuitive Mentoring Session

One on One Live Session - 90 minutes With Alice Langholt - Reiki Master Teacher

Do you want to move forward, but find yourself floundering? Personal, one on one guidance will keep you motivated, productive, accountable, and on track with your goals.

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Intuitive Counseling Certification

This course series will give you the specific tools and practices you need to offer Intuitive Counseling sessions to clients. 

Intuitive Counseling allows you to offer your guidance and healing tools in a structured, goal-driven way. You learn how to address a client's primary needs with a specific protocol that's developed to help directly address them.

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Practical Reiki™ for Nurses Instructor Training

Become an Ohio Board of Nursing Approved Instructor to teach Practical Reiki for Nurses and Caregivers and be able to award 8 CEs!

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Rapidly Neutralize Stress & Anxiety Course

This course will teach you six effective tips and techniques on how to rebalance quickly and often, to mitigate ongoing effects of constantly being in a stressed, fight or flight state.

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Increasing Intuition

This class offers clear information about what intuition is, how to recognize it, and how to develop it. In addition to several simple practices, you'll also learn techniques for manifesting, increasing persistent happiness, and how to easily experience being connected to all that is.

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Making Reiki Mainstream

This class is essential for Reiki Practitioners to illuminate the inherent challenges in explaining what Reiki is. It will cover how to explain Reiki to groups of people, such as doctors, scientists, holistic practitioners, and the general public. 

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Practical Reiki™

For balance, well-being, and vibrant health. A guide to a simple, revolutionary energy healing method.

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Practical Reiki™ Companion

A workbook for use with Practical Reiki: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health. A guide to a simple, revolutionary energy healing method.

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The Tapping Cards

Have you been curious about Tapping? Wonder how tapping on various parts of your face could actually help you feel better? The Tapping Cards are here to help you!

Whether you’ve been tapping for years, or want a quick way to learn and experience immediate results.

The Tapping Cards offer you a quick, user-friendly, two-sentence method to immediately:

  • release self-limiting beliefs
  • reduce pain
  • increase positive emotions
  • neutralize stress
  • increase relaxation
  • experience inner peace

and more!

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The Card Reader's Companion

This new spread deck is for anyone who uses cards to glean guidance for themselves or others! Use with your own Tarot, Oracle, or Angel Card deck to:

  • create specific spreads for any question or area needing guidance
  • give powerful readings, whether you’re a new or seasoned professional
  • allow your subject to choose their areas of interest
  • offer yourself guidance anytime you need it, tailored to what you want to know!
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The Lightworker's Compendium: Volume 1

In this Compendium, you will find three resources for your development and understanding of the essence of working with the Universe and Life Force Energy for healing, and for making your life better. The first, Reiki Distance Healing Made Simple, explains in practical terms how to understand distance healing, many ways to do it, and how to know that it’s working. The second resource, Manifesting Made Simple, teaches you the essential ingredients in working with the Universe to bring your goals and dreams into being.The third resource, Who Are You, and Why Have You Become So Strange? will help you understand when your growth separates you from others, and teaches you how to assess and adjust as needed. We’re evolving, and you are part of the new energy of our time. Embrace it, and know that you are supported. May these resources help you, and may the future volumes continue to enhance your growth.If I can be of support to you in any way, please contact me via Thank you for reading, and thank you for being exactly who you are. You matter.

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The Lightworker's Compendium: Volume 2

In this Compendium, you will find three resources for your development and understanding of the essence of working with the Universe and Life Force Energy as a representative of your practice for the public.

The first, Making Reiki Mainstream, explains in practical terms how to understand the challenges inherent in describing Reiki, and how to address them. It offers practical approaches to choosing words that describe this sacred work in ways accessible to the general public and different audiences. The second resource, Prayer, Affirmations, and Reiki, teaches you the commonalities and differences between these three practices, which will help you recommend the most appropriate approach with clarity. The third resource, When to Stop, Refuse, or Refer a Client will help you recognize the signs that a client would be better served by a different method, practitioner, or treatment. By understanding these distinctions, you will be a more authentic, ethical, and effective practitioner.

You are part of the new energy of this important time in history. You are needed. May these resources help you, and may the future volumes continue to support your growth.

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Let's Get Deep!

Let's Get Deep!: 101 thought-provoking prompts for enlightening conversations (101 Conversation Prompts)

You can adapt this book to whatever your situation is. Whether you have five minutes, or the whole evening, responding to the evocative prompts in this book will immediately inspire meaningful conversations.

Start at the beginning, or turn to a random page. Take turns presenting a prompt and responding to it. You can decide to each answer the prompt you select, or just go back and forth completing new ones. This book can be enjoyed alone, in pairs, or in a group. You could try one per day, or go through a bunch of them in one sitting. Journal on a prompt on your own, or let the prompt inspire a thoughtful discussion with others.

Responding to the prompts in this book will give you and those you share them with a change to reflect, challenge your beliefs, explore your mindset, and grow as people through the process.

Whether you’ve been together for years or you’ve just met, the prompts in this book are designed to help you get the conversation flowing.

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A Moment for Me: Self care for busy people

People are busy, and often self care gets put to the side. Yet, we need care for our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirit to release stress, and help us be in healthy balance.

Luckily, even 30 seconds can make a difference in all of these areas. Use this book to inspire you any time of the day to stop and bring yourself some balance. You'll find that the stress-relieving results last far longer than the 30 seconds you spent on the task in the book. You'll also find that you're becoming more mindful, present, and emotionally balanced because in those 30 seconds a day, you're training yourself to value your own care. That has a profound effect on your life.

Each page has a task, a reason why it's beneficial, and simple to follow instructions. Tasks address every aspect of the self - mind, emotions, body, and spirit.

To receive benefits from this book:
Turn to any page. Do the 30 second task on the page. Then experience the change in you that results. You'll feel energized, peaceful, confident, and cared for.

Do your task any time of the day - in the morning, on a lunch break, after work, or before bed. It only takes 30 seconds - literally - to change your day for the better. You may even find yourself using the book multiple times per day, because you enjoy it so much!

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